Detailed Guide On Move Over Law

The goal of the Move Over Law is to make police officers, firefighters, paramedics, tow truck drivers, and all other roadside emergency and maintenance personnel safer on the job. According to the Move Over Law, which went into effect on March 22, 2009, drivers approaching a stopped emergency or maintenance vehicle with flashing lights must shift to the next adjacent lane and slow down if it is safe to do so. If you do comply, you may face a fine of up to $100.

Every year, while delivering emergency assistance, first responders around the country are injured or murdered on the job. To keep highways safer for everyone, all residents are encouraged to make a personal vow always to move over. Any emergency vehicle, tow truck, or surveillance vehicle that has stopped on the side of the road requires you to pull over.

In Layman Terms: 

When an emergency vehicle, tow truck, or surveillance vehicle comes to a complete stop on the side of the road with its rotating yellow arrow light signal, you must slow down and move over to allow as much space as possible between you and the stopped vehicle, but only after ensuring that you can do so safely.

Why Is There A Move-Over Law In Place?

The Move-Over Law safeguards the safety of first responders (law enforcement officers, fire crews, EMS experts, shipping enforcement officials, tow truck operators, road maintenance workers, and wildlife protection officers) who operate on the side of the road.

An Action Taken To Promote Worker Safety:

In 2012, the provision of the Highway Safety Code dealing with the Move-Over Law went into force. It aims to lower the hazards faced by those performing emergency interventions on a highway.

When Will It Come Into Play?

The Move-Over Law is in force on motorways, country roads, and city streets equally. This regulation applies when an emergency vehicle, tow truck, or surveillance vehicle comes to a complete stop and activates its yellow arrow light signal, flashing lights, or rotating lights.

If an ambulance driver with bright lights is stopped on the highway side, vehicles must move over one lane whenever practicable under the Shift Over Law. If there is too much traffic to cross safely, motorists must instead slow down to the statutory speed limit and be prepared to stop.

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