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Embracing Hair Loss

Embracing Hair Loss

Losing your hair at a young age can be a tough thing to accept. As such, many people who suffer from hair loss desperately try to cover it up by any means possible. Hair growth products, toupees, and hair plugs all help people cover up their receding hairlines.

But, what if you don’t want to hide your hair loss? Many men are embracing their hair loss, opting for the shaved hairstyle. A shaved head has been in style forever, but it’s definitely seeing a rapid growth in popularity over the last few years.

If you think this might be for you, here are some tips on making your shaved hairstyle look as great as possible!

  1. Shave it all off. This includes any sparse areas or areas that still have a decent amount of hair. If you’re going for a shaved head hairstyle, fully commit and shave it completely smooth. If you’re not completely bald yet, make sure to do this regularly to combat any regrowth and to cut back on stubble
  2. Keep your head moisturized. When we shave our heads, it’s pretty easy to forget about scalp care. After all, it can be tricky to not know what to do after years of shampooing and conditioning a scalp. Keep a moisturizing lotion on your scalp to keep it soft and smooth! A dry and flaky scalp is not a happy scalp.

Consider getting it filled in. My Hair Loss Solutions recommends getting micropigmentation on your scalp, especially if you’re trying to rock a shaved hairdo. Micropigmentation can help even out the bald spots on your scalp, and this will pull the whole look together! This technique also lasts a long time, which is perfect for someone who’s looking for a more low-maintenance hairstyle.

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